Scrap cable granulator

RECO300PD / Scrab cable granulator

GMK Scrap cable granulator series provide fast and efficient work performance with the Airtable system. User-friendly, simplifed structur design facilitates easy maintenance. Short delivery time is guarantedd due to the Operation center in Europe. The Machine is welcomed in the global market

Through put
200~400kg / hr
36HP / 27kw
380v / 50~60Hz / 3Phase
Dust collection type
Cyclone Dust collector



Technical feature

• Simple installation and operation

- Just place the machine and connect the poer the machine is    ready to run.

• Pleasant work environment  

- Innovatve just suction system provides pleasant work space.

• Simaple and easy maintenance.  

- simple and easy maintenance implemented by user-friendly,     ergonomic design.

• Rapid After-service  

- Fast delivery and servicer from operation center in Europe.


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